Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finally some GUI progress

As mentioned in the last post, I think I'm finally getting the hang of Qt. Although my code has many flaws, I have something resembling a scrolling hex view:
Now that I'm starting to get the hang of things, hopefully I'll start to figure out the various issues and get a basic usable GUI rolled out.

Made a more generic dynamically generated text scrolling widget:
QtDesigner plugin for both a generic implemetnation and a hexdump more defined version. Handles window resizing events. Horizontal scrolling and other issues are not handled well yet though. It seems this may be hard to implement as width well be dynamically generated. Is it annoying to the user for the horizontal scroll to be changing width? I'll need to solve this problem in more detail as I try rendering the disassembly output, which is variable width. Maybe I'll have it fixed scroll to some largish value and allow it to occasionally scroll further if a really long line is present?
One of the main issues still present is that there will be no way for a user to select text and other interaction issues. I should be able to implement detecting which line was clicked on with little effort though, which should allow for basic navigation. I personally like to copy and paste from IDA/Olly, so I'd sorely miss this feature. I can do a full export or screen copy with little effort though, so I can do that for now.
Now that I'm more comfortable with Qt, I looked more into what it would take to implement this by replacing the document instance in QTextEdit/QPlainTextEdit. Unfortunately, the key functions needed are not virtual, so without some binjitsu magic (which I'd really prefer not to do...), it is not possible to replace these with dynamic text generation.
The widgets are also starting to be implemented in the main GUI and it is going to go through a major revision. Maybe not usable yet, but getting closer.

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