Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Static database coming soon

The second milestone should be reached soon. Functions will be output to individual relocatable ELF files. Relocation 0'd code will also be savable to aid in static function analysis by rapidly finding previously known functions. Currently saves a raw binary of all the functions and broken ELF files. Working on fixing the broken ELF files and then outputting raw relocation 0'd binaries should be trivial. Not all forms of relocations will be detected at this point and probably never will be. However, "obvious" global variables and such are the first goal and should be done in the near future.
Milestone three, targetted for February, will include basic static analysis of function flow in C form. Basic flow analysis is in fact already performed, but the result is discarded except for mining out function calls.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The code repo was changed to rpisec but forget to update it on the main RCOS page so now it looks like theres no code checked in or something. The code is actually at
Progress is underway for better static analysis of binaries to produce object files. Recent progress has been on code cleanup and related. With midterms out of the way, I have some time again and have been working towards making a big checkin for the changes. I should have branched the code and done some smaller commits with the other fixups, but I'm still working on getting comfterable with GIT.
Alex commited Python API code which should now make the Python interpreter code much faster instead of using system() (although system based is still availible). I haven't tested it yet, but I do know that at least the old python code still works.