Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FLIRT nearing completion

bfd based .pat generation is probably at an acceptable level. The behavior for handling short length names is kinda ill defined, so I'm not sure if there's much I can do about that. Additionally, FLAIR implements some x86 specific linker relocation fixup that I currently don't support since its currently all architecture independent. Also, while the basic architecture is there, much of the code should be moved out of the uvdbfd plugin and into the main engine. If I write a .pat generator for the uvdasm plugin (configuration file based architecture), this should be accomplished at the same time. I also figured out what one of the bits meant in the .sig format that has been annoying me for a bit. The reference .sig dumper had showed some of the function offsets being negative which didn't make sense to me. However, I finally figured out that this refers to local symbols (ie the a static global function in C/C++).
Generally, I'd consider .pat generation much harder than .sig since .pat is very platform specific and I'm guessing .pat stuff more or less isn't. I'm hoping that by Monday I should have uvpat2sig working smoothly. For starters, the old signature file dumping code was not integrated into the engine. Now, the signature file is actually loaded and then printed by dumping the loaded database. This is critical since in order to actually do signature matching, I'll need to load these up.
There are several issues with the current FLIRT engine. First, I haven't nailed down the overall file checksum computation. I'm guessing its just a CRC16 on the tree section (ie excluding the header), but haven't confirmed this. Second, compression/decompression isn't implemented. This isn't a high priority item and can be done later with presumably little impact on the loading mechanism. Next, the .sig file seems to leave out a lot of items from the .pat file. I need to figure out more accurately what items it leaves out and why. In particular, it looks like it only keeps one (the first?) external reference in a function. Finally, there is some attribute in the .sig file I don't understand. It seems to be some sort of referenced data with an offset and value, but I haven't yet devoted time to figure out what it refers to.

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