Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer progress: installer, licensing, fixing bugs

This summer I'm doing malware analysis. The first time I've held a full time reverse engineering job, I'm getting time to try out a lot more tools and develop skills. These will undoubtably be valuable to this project.
The following is written with a huge patch queue sitting on my laptop (probably over 4k lines of git diff, maybe more once I'm done). I was hoping to stabilize the ELF code before commiting, hopefully my laptop won't blow up in between.
I played around briefly with Installjammer (website, github) and at first glance it seems pretty nice. It does seem more targetted towards Windows, but I was able to make an InstallShield type installer within minutes for Linux and was impresed. The biggest thing lacking I saw at first glance was no support for .rpm or .deb files, so I might consider asking what it would take to get those supported if I am still interested. Screenshot of the quick test installer running on Fedora 13:
I will probably be dropping support for SpiderApe in the near future. My previous system had unstable Python code which towards the end of its life I was working on fixing, but this was unbeknonst to me when I first tried using the Python APIs and was quite dissapointed with them. I'm still dissapointed in their lack of good error handling (Python_Init() or w/e its called returns void), but when it works it seems to work decent. Fedora 13 doesn't seem to ship a static lib, so I might try to do a prefixed installation to grab that.
On that note, I fixed the build process to be a lot cleaner with regards to using PREFIX variables on dependencies. The original reason why I started playing with using package uninstalled was mostly related to binutils not exporting everything I'd like it to that was needed for the binutils .sig generation when using rpat as a reference.
For a number of legal reasons, I'm going to dual license the project under BSD/GPL. I still like the freedom that BSD provides, but for a couple of reasons, including the otherwise inability to distribute binaries, I'm going to tack on a GPL licensing option.
The ELF/object generation system is being rewritten. It used a fixup based linking approach that just didn't work well. The code is much larger than it could have been using a sevearl pass approach. This is likely responsible for the errors that have been occuring and the rewrite seems nearly done and is resulting in much cleaner code.
Tonight I will hopefully finish the ELF rewrite or be very close. But, tonight is the night of fire, and I like fire. So I might be busy. Happy 4th!

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