Sunday, April 25, 2010

New blog, undergraduate research symposium

After fitting an extensive battle, I finally got my Dia format poster to plot. Had to do a series of workarounds, but got something to work. The biggest issue was since they are large images, some operations took a while. Maybe I should have used some smaller test images? Dunno, never thought I'd have so many problems. Here's my rant about what it took for me to get my poster plotted. I just sent it off too, I don't even know if this went through, but, if it wasn't correct, should be minimal effort from here.

-After some experimenting, tiff seemed to be a good format both my computers and library Windows computers were happy with
-Dia export under a lot of formats (but not all including jpg) under Linux is buggy, but appears not to be under Windows. The bug is that it will misalign chars randomly. Created a .dia under Linux and moved it to Windows VM
-Gimp under Windows doesn't seem to export svg to tiff with correct resolution, but Linux gimp does. Move .svg to Windows
-Load .svg in Gimp. Don't change the resolution, it will just get angry and waste a lot of time. Even if you do wait long enough, which is several minutes (for just changing an option without hitting anything? what the heck?), it seems to asepct lock it to 1:1, screwing up the poster. Leave it at the default of 90 in/pix
-Once loaded, all operations are smooth. Export as a .tiff
-Copy tiff to USB stick and move to Windows computer
-Plot the stupid image with ARCH E type paper. Seems to only allow setting to 600 dpi..w/e hopefully that will still print and not run out of memory
Gimp can actually export .jpg's for some reason fine under my version of Linux. Here is a scaled down version of the final poster:

Oh...and I wish Dia had spellchecking support...but I'm probably too lazy to add it

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