Sunday, March 21, 2010

Break + some after results

First, the Valgrinding went all right. No invalid memory usage errors were detected, only leaks. Fixed most of the leaks, but there are a few (possibly just one that is cascading) that was difficult to trace even with Valgrind magic. So, I'll have to look into that later to see if I can solve those. The Valgrind results indicate that some objects are not freed, even though their parent constructor seems to free them. Best guess is they are somehow being overwritten and the original object is never freed.
I evaluated several unit testing frameworks to in an attempt to keep the code healthy. We do unit testing at work, but use a large scale framework we wrote ourselves since we needed strong interaction with our army of VMs. After glossing over several lists of unit test frameworks, I first ruled out any commercial frameworks for monetary and principal reasons. The two remaining that looked promising were CppUnit (JUnit C++ port) and Google test framework. Knowing JUnit is pretty standard, I went for that. Some simple engine init/deinit tests have been written and hopefully some more tests will be written in the future now that a testing framework is in place.
.pat format is well underway. Much of the FLIRT framework was written and the .pat core was written and compiles. However, a relocation source needs to be written to feed into the pattern generation. Obviously one such source will be from the configuration file driven uvudec framework. However, I've also been asked before about my support / consideration for libbfd (GNU binutils core), so I did some research on how to use libbfd. Spent some time looking through binutils sources and reading a guide doc I found that highlighed important features (thanks Cygnus!). Unfortunately, I haven't seen any small examples, and only one or two nearly pseudocode examples are provdided on the Cygnus manual on the basis that they don't call things like bfd_init(). I can't get libbfd to recognize my file formats. Hmm. So I migth strip down objdump and see if I can figure out what it does differently.
On the same note, I tried to play around with the rpat utility ( as it does what I'm trying to do, just with libbfd only as its function/relocation parsing engine. Its written very hackish and I rewrote a lot of it to get it to compile and play nice. However, after this it had the same issues as my hello world, probably because I'm making the same mistake twice.
So, more updates after I fix the libbfd issue. Also, why doesn't libbfd expose the demangling function? Its put into bucomm.c instead and linked against every binutils program instead of being in libbfd.a. Annoying. Might e-mail them about that.

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